Hello and welcome to the Boob Buddy website.

My name is Rachael, I have designed and manufactured The Boob Buddy which is an easy to carry in your bag, inflatable boob support for your chest and head. Due to the inflatable properties, plus a little help from gravity, the boob pillow is adaptable for all sizes depending how much air you put into it.

Rachael Byrne, developer of the Boob Buddy, Inflatable Breast Rest.

Picture yourself relaxing by the pool trying to get an even tan, enjoying your holiday read or maybe you're having a massage? Now imagine doing all those things without the feeling that you're laying on 2 bags of sugar!! Imagine actually being able to lay on your front without the dreaded boob squish, now wouldn't that be amazing? Well help is here, the Boob Buddy, Inflatable Breast Rest.

You work hard for your downtime. I am passionate about providing great quality products to make your precious relaxation time feel more comfortably therapeutic.

Even Edward enjoys sunbathing on his favorite boob support!

Dog Laying on a Boob Buddy Inflatable Breast Rest, comfortably sunbathing